drucilla burrell

“Algebra of Composition of Movements” As long as motions are rigid enough this composition algebra is nothing but the algebra of rigid Euclidean motions (rotations, translations); but whenever the picture refers to subjects that do not move rigidly (e.g., when an explosion is shut) larger groups of transformations enter the algebra. Bridges 2011 |  Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture


Born in Kingston 1983 | Currently living and working in London 



  • BA Interior Architecture (people flow and manipulation)| The Surrey Institute of Art and Design 2001 - 2004

  • Foundation Diploma Art |  Brooklands College


Selected Projects

  • 'Much Art, So Perf, Such Skillz' | Research 
  • 'London Art' | Research 



  • Visiting Lecturer - Short Courses |  Central Saint Martins



  • Artists and Illustrators | Creating a Safety Net

  • Artist and Illustrators | Getting The Most From Life Drawing